Interesting Facts About Led Zeppelin

Do you love Led Zeppelin? If so, you're going to truly enjoy the upcoming show at Ozarks Amphitheater. Get The Led Out - a Led Zeppelin tribute band - will be ROCKIN' the stage on September 22nd. Come out for an evening of fantastic rock music, fun atmosphere, and new memories with your friends and family! The best concert venue at the Lake of the Ozarks looks forward to having you and your crew rock out all night long. In the meantime, catch up on some interesting facts about the English rock band.

Interesting Facts About Led Zeppelin

Interesting Fact #1

Jimmy Page asked Terry Reid to be in the group but he passed.

Interesting Fact #2

Led Zeppelin got its name because someone said the band would go over like a "lead balloon".

Interesting Fact #3

For their first album, Jimmy Page paid for the recording out of his own pocket. This helped give the group creative freedom.

Interesting Fact #4

In the song "The Ocean", you can hear a phone ringing in the background.

Interesting Fact #5

Led Zeppelin had their own airplane - a Boeing 720-002 - which they referred to as "The Starship".

All About Get The Led Out

GET THE LED OUT was formed in 2003 when a couple of Philadelphia-area musicians contacted Paul Sinclair about singing in a Led Zeppelin project they were trying to get off the ground. Sinclair, who had spent the majority of his musical career performing in his own original band “Sinclair,” had reservations about joining a ‘tribute’ act. “I had no interest in going the impersonator route,” says Sinclair. “I’ve always found it a bit hokey. I was much more intrigued by the thought of playing this music that I loved so much, and playing it accurately. With ALL the instrumentation.”

The critics are raving. The Patriot News, Central Pennsylvania’s leading news source that reaches nearly a half-million weekly readers, heralds, “Get The Led Out didn’t just pass Zeppelin 101 with flying colors - - they’re working on their Ph.D. They didn’t just do their Zep homework -- they’re teaching the class.”

Now that you know more about Led Zeppelin and the upcoming show at Ozarks Amphitheater, you're ready to purchase your tickets. To lock down your tickets for Get The Led Out at Ozarks Amphitheater, visit our website today. We look forward to rockin' the night away with you and your crew!

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