đź’°Big Surf's Deal of the Summerđź’°

Have you heard? Big Surf Waterpark is offering a special for the remainder of the 2019 season. You can purchase your 2020 season pass to Big Surf Waterpark and start using it NOW! You heard that right -- get all the perks of a season pass holder for the remainder of this year and entire 2020 season. If you LOVE the best waterpark at the Lake of the Ozarks (and we know you do), take advantage of this awesome deal! Learn all about the perks of a season pass so you know exactly what you can enjoy when you buy your Big Surf season pass!

Season Pass Holder Perks:

Unlimited Park Access

Whenever the park is open, you can come on by! Enjoy endless summer fun and splashing around with the family when you are a season pass holder. It's hard to believe but that's unlimited wave pool time, endless thrills on the rides, and endless relaxing in the sun! That alone is enough to make it worth the price of a season pass. Actually, if you plan to visit 3 or more times, you actually SAVE money by being a season pass holder!

Special Discounts

All season pass holders receive 20% off the purchase of any food or drink all summer long! That's a lot of savings throughout the year. You know you're going to work up an appetite splashing around and soaking up the sun -- you might as well save on the food and drinks you're going to buy anyway!

Season Pass Days

We have a few special days throughout the year that are geared toward our season pass holders. These days include: bring a friend for free day, guest ticket for only $14, half-price guest ticket, AND we even host two private wave pool parties each summer. Get all this and more with a season pass!

Buy Your 2020 Season Pass Today!

Summertime is for being carefree and having fun with your friends and family. This waterpark at the Lake of the Ozarks is the perfect place to do just that! Let loose and enjoy summer like it should -- soaking up the sun, catching thrills on the water rides, and relaxing. Big Surf Waterpark is the perfect place to chill -- no matter what your age. Kids and adults (or kids at heart, like we like to call them) all LOVE the waterpark. Start making new memories with your family this summer & gear up for new experiences next summer when you buy a season pass to Big Surf!

While Big Surf is a fun place to catch some rays and get adventurous, we have the ultimate in family-friendly attractions at the Lake of the Ozarks! As you plan out your family outings, don't forget to visit Bridal Cave and Ozarks Amphitheater. After you catch some rays, retreat into the constant 60 degrees of the best cave at the Lake of the Ozarks. And don't miss rocking out with your loved ones and friends at the next concert at the best live music venue in MissouriBest Lake Attractions is here to help you and your crew make new memories. We look forward to being the places you look back upon with cherished memories of time with your friends & family!

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