Explore Bridal Cave like the First Explorers did... by LANTERN!

Don't miss your chance to explore one of the most scenic caves in Missouri by lantern light! The lantern tours at Bridal Cave take place on Saturday evenings through Labor Day Weekend. There's only a handful of opportunities to book your lantern tour before the end of the summer season. Learn more about the awesome lantern tours & how you can reserve your spot:

Bridal Cave Lantern Tours:

Go back in time almost 150 years and explore Bridal Cave as the first explorers did…by lantern.

This special 75 minute guided tour of Bridal Cave details the adventure of what cave exploring used to be before electric lights. Imagine the excitement of seeing this now famous cavern by hand held lanterns. Your guide will give in depth history of Bridal Cave, Lake of the Ozarks, and cave exploration over the centuries. Don’t miss one of the most exhilarating cave explorations in the Ozarks. Adults receive a souvenir LED lantern and Children receive a souvenir LED Cavers Helmet (not recommended for children 4 and under). Lantern tours are only available on Saturday evenings at 7pm, Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend.

Reservations are required and can be made below.. Space is limited.
Reserve your lantern tour today.

History of Bridal Cave:

Centuries ago the Osage Native Americans discovered the pristine beauty that lies beneath Thunder Mountain. Local folklore tells of a legendary Native American wedding ceremony held in the cave in the early 1800s.

Today this magnificent natural wonderland is called Bridal Cave. In keeping with the tradition of the Native American legend, the Cave can be reserved for a romantic wedding chapel. Over 3,000 couples from around the world have exchanged vows in the stalactite adorned Bridal Chapel.

What are you waiting for? Now's the perfect time to book your Bridal Cave lantern tour! If you've been to this breathtaking cave before, this is a whole new way to experience it. Don't miss your chance to explore the cave like the first explorers did almost 150 years ago!

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