Make the Most of the End of Summer with these Attractions!

Best Lake Attractions is excited to provide some fantastic spots for families who vacation to the Lake of the Ozarks. Bridal Cave and Big Surf Waterpark have amazing fun in store for you and your crew this summer. It's hard to believe that summer is already nearing an end but there's still some time to squeeze in fun with your family on a Lake of the Ozarks vacation. Check out what our attractions have in store for you!

Explore Bridal Cave

Bridal Cave remains a constant 60° inside, so it’s a great activity, no matter what the weather! Guided tours leave every few minutes and last approximately one hour. Tours are conducted over concrete pathways through the Cave’s refreshing 60 degree environment. Park interpreters will lead you and your family through room after room of incredible mineral deposits. Giant columns, delicate soda straws and massive draperies abound throughout the cave. Millions of years of struggle between water and rock have created this cavern with more onyx formations than any other known cave or cavern. A tour through Bridal Cave is a family adventure you will never forget!

Get Wild at Big Surf

The Biggest, Fastest, Funnest, Safest, Cleanest, Number One-en-est Family Fun at the Lake of the Ozarks, MO! For any age, for any amount of time, Big Surf has a variety of rides and attractions:
  • Zambezi Falls – Exhilarating four-story drop down the Lake’s largest halfpipe
  • Challenger Flumes – Race and rush down duelling 300 feet water slides
  • Lazy River – 600 feet has never felt like such a long, relaxing trip
  • Wave Pool – Our 375,000-gallon pool generates waves up to three feet tall
  • The Rapids – Whirl and twirl your way down the white water rapids at Big Surf
  • Space Bowl – Our Space Bowl drops you from a sweet, swift slide into a 30-ft wide bowl
  • Splash Island – A zero-entry pool suited for younger children
  • Activity Pool – A 4-foot-deep pool with free swimming allowed that features a crazy lily pad bridge, a basketball goal, and two swift tube slides
  • Dry Ground Activity Area – Dry off and enjoy sand volleyball, shuffleboard, pool, and basketball in the Surf Club area

What are you waiting for? Schools will be starting back up soon and there's a limited time to get away with your family. Make plans to create new memories exploring Bridal Cave and soaking up the sun at Big Surf Waterpark! Don't forget to check out the Ozarks Amphitheater schedule for next season and make plans for a return trip to Lake of the Ozarks for an unforgettable concert experience! Our Best Lake Attractions are thrilled to help you and your crew make amazing memories at the Lake!

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