Plan Your Lake of the Ozarks Vacation – Your Health Will Thank You!πŸ˜‰

It’s never been clearer that sustainability in the workplace is no longer measured by forcing productivity all day, every day. Finding a balance between your professional life and your personal life is necessary for longevity. Plenty of studies are showing how vacation and time away from our “jobs” can impact the state of our wellbeing. That inevitable burn-out we can experience from time to time is hard to regulate, but what if it didn’t have to be? To really encourage you workaholics to advocate for that PTO, here are three great reasons to treat yourself to a vacation at the Lake of the Ozarks.

Fun Activities for Your Serenity

You may think that vacationing to the Lake of the Ozarks is just about being on the Lake. Of course, it can be, but the family friendly activities are in abundance here! Not only are there plenty of scenic outdoor trails to walk and local stores to shop, but Bridal Cave at Thunder Mountain Park offers both. Take the hiking trail on top of the cave at your leisure and overlook the beautiful lake from the scenic hilltop. It’s a hidden gem in a private part of the park so you’ll be sure to maintain some serenity while taking in the beautiful view. After circling back around on the not-too-long trail, pop into the Rock Shop and pick out a crystal to complement your newfound clarity.

Fun in the Sun to Boost Your Vitamin D

Big Surf Waterpark and Bear Bottom Resort are great places to enjoy those classic summertime activities. Waterslides are not sparse at the Lake; Big Surf has several along with the Lazy River, Zambezi Falls and even Splash Island, to keep your little ones entertained! Bear Bottom Resort also features two coveted waterslides, as well as numerous boat slips, a gift shop and two full bars for some adulting you may want to treat yourself to. While you’ll want to be sure to bring some sunblock, both Lake of the Ozarks attractions offer a great opportunity to soak up that vitamin D to keep you happy and healthy all season long. 

Live Music for the Soul

It’s rare to hear a great song and not let it give you a little pick-me-up! The revived Ozarks Amphitheater offers a variety of bands, from locals to headliners, throughout the summer season. It’s been voted the Best Live Music Venue in Missouri and the acoustic brilliance of the theater enhances the experience for everyone. Consider planning your getaway during an REO Speedwagon or Three Dog Night concert this summer to maximize your good-time vacation. We all know music is healing for the soul, so grab your friends and family and enjoy some high energy entertainment with your loved ones. 

Remembering to take time for yourself outside of the workplace is essential and that means finally taking that vacation to the Lake is essential, too. If asking for time away is making you feel uneasy, think about what it would feel like to experience it. By breaking our sometimes-mundane routines by traveling away from home or just getting out-and-about (and not to work!), we make more space to enjoy the present moment; a gift that most of us forget to sit in for a while. 

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