Reasons to Shop Local this Holiday Season🎄

Small Business Saturday is near and our Best Lake Attractions want to take some time to point out the benefits of shopping small this time of year. All of our attractions at the Lake of the Ozarks are committed to supporting our fellow local businesses and we want to encourage you to do the same! Make an effort to choose to spend your money at a locally owned business versus a big box store or online store this holiday season. Learn a few of the benefits of supporting local businesses below:

Keep Money Local

Money that is spent with a local business, in turn, benefits the entire local area in a number of ways. From local taxes to local business owners spending their money in the same community, the money is much more likely to benefit our area when it's spent here. 

Show Support for Your Neighbor

Supporting local business owners shows that you care about the local community and the people in it. That same neighbor is much more likely to support you and your family in return if the opportunity presents itself. Big box stores aren't going to show their appreciation for your small purchase -- a small business owner will!

Positively Impact Local Families

Local business owners are working to provide for their families. Families who attend the same church as you, the same school as your kids, and participate in the same activities as you do. You're helping a father afford dance lessons, a mother afford a tutor, and a family to afford to put a nice meal on the table when you spend your money locally!

Think About Who Supports You

Who do you ask for donations to your child's fundraiser? Who do you hit up to sponsor your child's team? Who do you ask to help support your charitable organization? THOSE are the businesses you should show your support for! The local ventures who give to support the community are the ones who need your support in return! 

Keep the Unique Local Businesses Alive

Our area is a huge vacation destination for many around the Midwest. The unique businesses and attractions are what draw so many vacationers to our area. Help keep that spirit alive by supporting the local businesses that make up our amazing community!

There are many, many reasons why it's important to support local businesses. As the best attractions at the Lake of the Ozarks, we want to encourage you to spend your money locally this holiday season! Even a small shift in your normal spending patterns to support locals can make a big impact on our local economy as a whole! Keep your money in our area and shop local!

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